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What is Bowen?

Bowen is a gentle form of body work in which subtle moves performed over the muscles and connective tissue send messages deep into the body. These might address postural imbalances, and may help with a range of different ailments. Bowen may also be beneficial for both physical and emotional issues.

Bowen moves are light and gentle, and there are no forced manipulations. The practitioner is able to discern stress build-up in the muscles and other soft-tissue, enabling them to perform specific Bowen moves to assist recovery and pain relief.

Bowen was founded in Australia by the late Tom Bowen, who discovered that making small and gentle movements on strategic points in the body generated an integrated healing response. You can see photos of some of these movements below.

It is considered suitable for the new-born through to the elderly, and both chronic and acute conditions are thought to respond.

The photos below illustrate some of the Bowen movements.

A Bowen move in the lower back A Bowen move in the neck area

A move in the lower back.

A move in the neck area.

A Bowen move from the knee procedure Bowen gluteal move

A move from the knee procedure

Bowen gluteal move

Video of Bowen Moves

The following short 'You Tube' clips give a good introduction to Bowen Therapy, and what it involves.

An introduction to the Bowen Technique:

Bowen Technique John Wilks Pt1:

Bowen Technique John Wilks Pt2:

Bowen Technique John Wilks Pt3:

The following article by Sarah Wilkin describes a typical Bowen treatment.

A visit to Napier's Herbal Health Care Centre on Sidney Street, recently left me singing the praises of a fabulous soft tissue therapeutic technique created by Australian Tom Bowen in 1982.

This non-invasive, especially rewarding therapy left me surprisingly relaxed and looking forward to my next treatment in order to combat a recently noted frozen shoulder (must admit I don't often follow up a press treatment with a booking!)

How does it work? Well as I found out less is more with this particular therapy and simply stated this technique allows the body to reset and heal itself through a series of gently rolling connective tissue moves.

With my fantastic therapist Isobel Knight leaving the room in between such moves, this is apparently highly important in order for my body to take time and truly benefit from each set. By combining moves both in placement and combination Isobel is able to address the body as a whole or target specific issues through 'tissue tension sense' uncover stress build-up in muscle groups and relieve such stress.

This technique is the essence of simplicity and embraces physical, chemical, emotional and mental aspects of each individual. The treatment can help clients with back problems, shoulder injuries, asthma, jaw problems, headaches, knee and ankle problems in addition to many other complaints including fertility problems. It is subtle, and is truly a most exciting form of healing.

Sarah Wilkin

Explorer Magazine, Cambridge.

"I suffer from hypermobility syndrome which is a connective tissue disorder which causes instability in your body. I have always found it hard to balance my health with my busy lifestyle without getting ill and fatigued a lot.

Unfortunately I caught glandular fever which then turned into chronic fatigue and for months I have had a low quality of life, I dropped out of dance college and haven't worked for months and have been unable to socialise and became extremely anxious. Suffering from two chronic illnesses was debilitating and hard to imagine a better quality of life.

I have had four sessions with Isobel and even after just one I felt like a blanket of fatigue had been taken away. I have noticed an improvement in my digestive system, bowels, bladder urgency, general balance, core stability, alignment, co-ordination and anxiety levels. I have been able to exercise! My mood and energy levels increased, I can concentrate more and have started doing things I love again.

Isobel explained the procedure fully in detail, I felt very at ease the entire time, the technique itself is very gentle and has improved my standard of life more than I could ever have asked. I will continue to use Bowen therapy in the future and am looking forward to making a full recovery with Isobel's help.

I would also like to say to anyone suffering from a chronic condition like hypermobility syndrome and chronic fatigue, for you to heal well you need to see yourself for who you really are and not your illness and believe you can have a better quality of life. This technique is very effective and is the best alternative therapy i have tried and would thoroughly recommend it. Isobel is a very warm and caring person and clearly has a passion for what she does."

KE, London

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What is Bowen?

"The Bowen Technique is an extremely subtle and non-invasive therapy that I would recommend to anyone"

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